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  • Courses designed exclusively for social workers to enhance your professional development and growth.
  • Course material written and designed by leading experts in the field of social work and authors of books currently used in higher education courses.
  • Content-based courses that you can complete at your own pace with the flexibility and convenience of online learning.
  • Fulfills licensing requirements.
  • A user-friendly website with clear navigation, intuitive course selection, and an easy registration process.
  • All courses approved and accredited through the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).*

*Please note: Accreditation not available in New York, New Jersey, or West Virginia.


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About Us

For over 30 years, Cognella has redefined the academic publishing industry by producing instructor-driven, student-centric learning materials for the higher education market. We collaborate with instructors and professionals to publish anthologies, original works, custom course materials, interactive ebooks, and online activities that support learning objectives and provide students with authentic educational experiences.

Cognella Professional Learning allows us to expand our offerings and provide professionals across the disciplines with on-demand, self-paced courses to support professional development, continuous learning, and the attainment of required certifications. We partner closely with experts in the field and accredited organizations to develop and provide effective, essential learning material that reflects current standards and competencies.